The present age is changing and moving quickly and dynamically.

The boundaries of each field are also disappearing. Architects with products and fashion.
They also design perfumes, and fashion designers design spaces. Singers become actors or artists or writers.

Now everyone is a designer, everyone is a composer and singer, everyone is an artist.
Now we are diversified and living in a complex life.

D+ENTER is a specialist in various fields that simultaneously understand the age and culture.

It is a place where we create new things synergistically together.

Architecture, space interior, exhibition, furniture, product, graphic, fashion, visual, publishing, application game, Sharing and researching 

all fields related to design such as game and application contents.

Creative areas of understanding and digesting the design and entertainment industry, including movies, music, stage production,

marketing, and planning strategies, as well as brands, places, products, fashion and lifestyle that you love, It will have the greatest impact.


Mar 2015 - D+ENTER (Design + Entertainment) Established Co. Ltd


Jun 2017 - Fashion Brand HiF (Human is Finally...) Established Co. Ltd


Oct 2019 ~ Barim Established Co.Ltd  |  Dry flower & Artwork Company






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